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Parent Information Session

School Readiness Session

Parents have a big decision to make in regards to children starting school.

Our School Readiness presentation has been developed to provide families with some general information regarding starting school.  The presentaton highlights the skills and behaviours that can be used to assist parents in identifying if their child is ready to start school.

Readiness indicators are a great tool as they give guidance and support in making this crucial decision, as once your child begins school, it is a journey they enter that will last for the next 13 years. 

School Readiness Presentation

The School Readiness powerpoint can also be viewed by accessing the following link; 

Parent Welcome Sessions

Our Parent Welcome sessions provides valuable information about the facilities and programs at our school and is an opportunity to meet some of the key staff who will be working with your child. 

In addition, parents will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of what learning at Galungara Public School, as well as Start Dates, Best Start Assessment and what the first few weeks of school will look like.

These events will also provide additional information about our upcoming Kindergarten Welcome Program that has been designed for our new students to engage in.

General Information, School Readiness and Best Start

Preparing for the First Day, Learning spaces at Galungara and the Early Stage 1 Curriculum