Galungara Public School

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School Information Handbook

At Galungara Public School we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the provision of high-quality educational opportunities for each and every student. Our school is inclusive, creative and innovative so that all those within, are given the opportunity to flourish.

Built on Darug land, we have worked hard to create a sense of ‘connection’ in recognising the lasting impact of our First Peoples and their custodianship of the land on which the school sits through the identification of the school’s name, emblem, building identifiers, playground space and uniform.

With 39 flexible learning spaces, including specialist learning hubs, teaching staff will utilise collaborative teaching practices through integrated curriculum delivery to ensure our students become assessment capable learners, problem solvers, critical thinkers and collaborators. Through the establishment of a whole school, Learning to Learn Framework, students will lead the learning, being digital disruptors rather than just consumers of knowledge.

Seamless and purposeful integration of technology into future-focused learning and teaching at Galungara Public School will provide opportunities for our students to think independently and develop skills that will enable them to flourish in a world driven by technology. 

The School Information Handbook has been created to assist parents in learning more about the daily operations of the school.