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Kindergarten @Galungara

Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten) @Galungara

Here you can find all the information you need about Early Stage 1 at Galungara Public School.

Here at Galungara Public School we pride ourselves in the structure of our Early Stage 1 Homebases.  Our classes operate in a flexible, fluid and responsive environment that support students to engage in hands-on learning in order to develop capabilities to achieve their personal best. 

Our team based approach to teaching and learning results in increased individualised attention, participation and better communication between the teacher and students and their families.

The school year starts in late January, after the summer vacation period. The school calendar lists school term dates.

Behavioural Expectations

Starting school is an important time for both your child and yourself. Children make many changes when they start school. At Galungara Public School, your child will be supported in

  • Learning our school's expectations 
  • Navigating the physical environment of our spaces
  • Developing important learning skills, such as active listening and collaboration.
  • Engaging in cooperative learning tasks 
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Building meaningful relationships with teachers and students

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Student Buddies

To assist your child’s transition into Kindergarten they will be supported to develop their sense of belonging through our Student Buddy program. Your child and their buddy will develop a trusting friendship throughout the year through a joint participation in our wellbeing framework, Growing Strong Minds.

Personal Development

You may be worried about the skills your child is bringing to school such as their social emotional, learning, creative and physical skills and their independence. All children will come to school with their own skills and strengths and at school we will continue to build on these skills and strengths to develop your child into a confident lifelong learner.

Class Placement

The Early Stage 1 Learning Hubs are structured so that there is a mixture and balance of boys and girls.  We also consider recommendations from pre-school teachers regarding suitable combinations of children. At Galungara Public School your child will be taught by highly effective and experienced teachers who have a sincere and genuine enthusiasm for children and their learning.