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Innovative Learning Environments

Innovative Learning Environments – Flexible Learning Spaces & Technology

The fast pace of technological change has brought with it the expectation of innovation in educational settings – classrooms are no longer single use spaces dedicated to a single learning activity. (DoE Information Technology Standards)


Our flexible Learning Spaces are distinguished from traditional classroom setup by their innovative architectural designs, agile, easy to move furniture and pedagogical tools (such as learning displays) and increased student and teacher autonomy and opportunity for collaboration. Flexible Learning Spaces, designed with flexible furniture, allows for a fluid classroom layout, with the potential to change lesson-by-lesson according to student and pedagogical needs.

At Galungara, ICT used in our teaching and learning methods will be incorporated through modern networking approaches such as ‘hubs of learning’, Virtual and Augmented Reality spaces, Robotics and galley spaces for presentations. As a Microsoft school, we will be utlising the full suite of options suitable for our students such as Teams and OneNote to engage in activities and complete set tasks.

In addition, teaching and learning at our school will embed innovative approaches to student self-directed and collaborative learning. Students will use technology purposefully as a learning tool to investigate, create, communicate and collaborate in conjunction with other learning activities.

Seamless and purposeful integration of technology into future-focused learning and teaching at Galungara will provide opportunities for our students to think independently and develop skills that will enable them to flourish in a world driven by technology.

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